LDK FAH Holds a Motivational Seminar


KARAWANG, presidentpost.id – Institute of Da’wah Campus Adab Faculty and Humanities (LDK FAH) held a motivational seminar with the theme “Conquering Both World and Afterlife” by inviting the CEO Care Institute as well as the Founder and Managing Director of Isbanban Foundation, Pandji Aziz Pratama as the speaker. This activity was held at the 5th floor of the Bustomi Abdul Ghani Theater on Monday (10/08/2018).

In his lecture, Pandji Aziz said that success in the world must lead us to the success of the afterlife as well, success in any case must make us more useful to others, and can be closer to Allah SWT. During this time Pandji has proven it by developing the Isbanban Foundation which is engaged in education for underprivileged children in the interior of Banten. Every week Pandji has to commute from his campus in Bandung to Serang, Banten. For more than 5 years, his efforts were paying off, from what was previously only able to help dozens of children in one village, now more than 400 children have been fostered in several remote villages in Banten, with 600 more volunteers registered.

The movement also won him awards both at national and international levels, one of which he won an award as one of 60 Global Young Makers of the Global Change Makers version and received a training scholarship in Switzerland, also had an inspiring nomination on the Kick Andy program, and various international conference events he had attended.

When met on the 4th floor of FAH, Chairman of the LDK FAH Syaidina Sapta said that the purpose of the seminar was in line with the theme. “This event is a series of Syahid Fair events held by the central LDK of UIN Jakarta, and the purpose of this seminar is in line with the theme that we present,” he said.

LDK Fair activities are carried out from September to November 2018, this seminar is one of the activities in it by thoroughly discussing the problems that are now being abandoned by the millenial generation, namely achieving success for world and afterlife.

As a lead of Islam on campus, LDK routinely holds events like this. Although there are a few technical constraints, both the problem of booking the venue and etcetera, the program was conducive, and was attended by 60 FAH students. (UIN-JKT/TPP)


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