Rector’s Candidate Data to be Submitted to the Minister


KARAWANG, – UIN Jakarta Senate and Rectorate immediately sent the 2019-2023 Rector’s candidate files to the Minister of Religion to be decided after receiving a recommendation from the appointed Selection Committee. The submission is done after the administration file, the submission of the candidate’s vision and mission, and the qualitative consideration of the members of the university senate is stated complete.

This was conveyed by the Senate Head of UIN Jakarta University, Prof. Abuddin Nata, accompanied by Senate Secretary Prof Dr Amany Lubis when reporting the results of the screening. The report itself was received directly by the Rector, Prof. Dede Rosyada MA in his office, Monday (8/10/2018). Also present in the event Vice Rector for Public Administration Prof. Abdul Hamid, the Head of the AUK Bureau Dr. Rudy Subiyantoro, the Head of Personnel Section Yarsi Berlianti M.Sc.

Abuddin said, the screening process itself attracted 11 professors in the Jakarta UIN to advance in the Chancellor’s election for the next five years. Among them, Prof. Amany Lubis, Prof. Andi Faisal Bakti, Prof. Jamhari, Prof. Amsal Bakhtiar, Prof. Zulkifli, Prof. Sukron Kamil, Prof. Abdul Mujib, Prof. Masri Mansoer, Prof. Didin Saefuddin, Prof. Murodi, and Prof. Ulfah Fajarini.

But lately, the number has decreased. Prof. Dr. Murodi resigned for health reasons, while Prof. Ulfah Fajarini resigned for administrative reasons.

“The entire screening process, the presentation of the vision and mission, and qualitative considerations have been carried out. This is the result, nine names will be submitted,” he said.

In response, Rector expressed his gratitude to the all the team who have carried out the process of transitioning the leadership of UIN Jakarta well. “Alhamdulillah, this means that something is already recommended to the Minister of Religion and the Selection Committee,” he said.

Rector also revealed that the nine candidates were the best figures owned by UIN Jakarta and expected to be able to become campus development practitioners in the next five years. One of the challenges of development, he explained, is how to put UIN Jakarta as an recognized university as well as a leading global-regional scientific and Islamic study destination. (UIN-JKT/TPP)


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